Cole Projects is a London based curatorial platform that discovers and exhibits international emerging and mid-career artists. Drawing upon over a decade of art market experience in managing private art collections and blue chip contemporary art galleries, we present some of the most exciting talent today. Bringing them together in immersive exhibitions held in innovative off-site spaces - often working collaboratively with galleries around the world and abandoned spaces.

We reverse the traditional model of producing exhibitions to sell work- instead, we sell work to curate exhibitions, creating a flexible and sustainable model that has responded to our new socio-economic environment. In the event of a sale we have the split of 20/80 to the artist.

One of our goals is to showcase undiscovered talent with the view that they get representation. We also support artists through sales and visibility pre gallery representation, which simultaneously offers collectors a chance to acquire work before the artist gets representation and the prices increase.

We want to open up the conversation and bring new audiences to the table. If you would like to come to exhibitions please subscribe to our newsletter.

Unlike a gallery, we do not have a fixed location-  so we do not have the overheads that a gallery has. Therefore we have pulled back the typical artist/gallery split of 50/50 to 20/80. This means that when you buy a work, your support goes even further. 
We research and present you with the most exciting artists from around the world. At the moment we are showing works by artists from Europe, USA, China and we are going to continue to expand our borders.
We offer artists a reputable platform to sell your work before, between (or instead of) representation, with the ability to be included in off site exhibitions. We understanding that flexibility is key, and an ability to work with multiple platforms can often be better for an artist's career so this encouraged-  we are keeping up with a world that is moving towards flexible working