for collectors

We discover the most exciting artists working today so you can acquire artwork directly from the studio. We have reduced our commission from the typical 50/50 split so that you know that your purchase goes further to support the artist you love. We also recognise that people become wary when prices are not visible - so where possible we will make this information available with a view to full transparency. Instead of separating artist from collector, we build relationships. If you want to see the work physically before buying it, we can arrange studio visits to see the work and meet the artist to hear more about their practice. Once the work has been paid for, we will assist you with getting the work home by putting you in touch with the most competitively priced art handlers who will handle all the logistics, wherever you and the artist are based

studio visits

If you are looking to buy a work but would like to see it in the flesh before you do so, we can arrange to see it in the studio. Our intention is to build relationships that go beyond investing in one work. As we work with artists from around the world, this service is only possible if geography allows. We also organise bespoke group tours and artist studio visits, where we meet artists first hand and hear about their practice- get in touch for more information.


We act as agent for the client to buy/sell one or many art works at a time. Access to works from private collections_ get in touch with any requests for works to be found or sold. Achieve the best result by working directly with artists, private sellers, dealers and auction houses. We discreetly represent the client in negotiations, attending fairs, representing in auction and coordinating due diligence.